So YOU want to become a DRIVER?

Our School:
Klassen Driving School has been serving Saskatchewan since 1973. Driver Education in Saskatchewan has evolved over many years with the assistance of many partners including: Saskatchewan Education, Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI), the Saskatchewan Driver Education Association (SDEA), school division personnel, instructors, parents and students.

Our Program:

The Driver Education course has two components; the classroom component and the in-car component.


The classroom component of the Driver Education course consists of 30 hours of instruction during the school year. The Driver Education course may also be offered during the summer months on a limited basis. This will be advertised in May of each year. The material covered in the 30 hour classroom component is as follows:

  • Review SGI Driver's Handbook
  • City Driving
  • Write Learner's Licence Exam
  • Vision Test and Identification Check
  • Driving Slowly and Parking
  • Instruction to Reading Traffic
  • Grid Roads
  • Tools for Reading Traffic
  • Passing and Crossing
  • The Controls of the Car
  • Winter Driving/Rain
  • Vehicle Condition and Operation
  • Night and Restricted Visibility
  • Driver Condition
  • Emergencies
  • Highway Driving
  • Insurance/Buying a Vehicle
  • Final Exam


The in-car component of the Driver Education Course consists of six one-hour periods of instruction. This portion of the program is scheduled during the school day including unassigned periods and noon hours as well as after school. The cars, which are equipped with dual controls are provided by Klassen Driving School. The first hour of in-car instruction should begin within three weeks of the student receiving his/her Learner's Licence. The material covered in the 6 hour in-car component is as follows:

  • Lesson 1: Vehicle Familiarization, Use of Controls, Looking Up, and Referencing Down
  • Lesson 2: Introduction to City Driving
  • Lesson 3: Highway & Grid Road Driving
  • Lesson 4 &5: City Driving including Intersections and Parking
  • Lesson 6: Review and Finish Off

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