Obtaining Your Learner's License

After completing approximately 20 hours of the Driver Education Course the students may apply for his/her Learner's Licence (Class 7 Licence). To qualify for a Learner's Licence the student must:

a.) Pass the Learner's Licence exam with a mark of 80% or greater

b.) Pass the vision/eye exam conducted by SGI. (This is conducted at school, during the regular hours of the Driver Education Program);

c.) On the day of the vision/eye exam present an origional copy of a: i. Birth Certificate ii. Passport iii. Government Approved I.D.

d.) Complete the "Signature Form" (for drivers under the age of 18).

e.) In-Class EVALUATION Assignments (2) 10% Attendance/Participation 10% Attitude 5% Final Exam 15%

f.) In-Car Sessions 60%

After successful completion of the Driver Education Course the Students will receive a "Certificate of Driver Education."