Information For Parents

Finding yourself grabbing the dash in fear of your child's driving? You're not alone! We have put a few ideas together to help you through the learning process. The Best suggestion, would be to go to your local SGI and pick up "The Co-Pilot's Manual" It was specifically designed to help you the "co-pilot", aid in teaching your new driver. Patience is a good habit to get into. Your new driver will be nervous just as you are! Refrain from getting angry, they do make mistakes. Setting a good example whenever you drive, will help mold your child's behaviour towards driving. Be courteous, and obey all traffic laws. Drive safely. Refresh your memory by reviewing the Driver's Handbook. The rules of the road and driving techniques may have changed since you learned to drive. Be the teachers aid but remember, what you teach your teenager should correspond with what is taught in the driver education program. Teaching something different could confuse your child and make it more difficult for them to learn. If your new driver insists that the driver instructions are different from what you do, please contact a driver educator. For your child's sake, please do not teach shortcuts or improper procedures. Discuss driving with your teenager. Share your experiences and concerns. Ask your teenager's opinion and respect it. If you do not feel that your child is ready to drive, you can and should withhold your consent. Before you give your consent, consider your childs attitude, responsibility, maturity and risk taking behavior. These all have a dramatic effect on your childs overall safety. Take positive steps toward prevention of bad driving habits. Praise safe driving skills and remind your child of ways to improve weaker areas. Most of all practice with your child, taking the time to discuss what you want to teach them. Keep it simple and set rules about when, where and how long to practice and what to do when things get difficult. Be prepared, then relax and have fun!!

Good Luck and Safe Motoring From Klassen Driving School.